It worked!

I was looking for some applique I could take to the guild meeting the other day but the only thing I could find that was prepared was a Geisha block designed by Laurissa Werhun which has lots of glue in it. The applique is prepared by gluing under the edges then align all the pieces together and gluing the overlaps.  The prepared piece is then glued to the background

When stitching this I usually have a little container of water beside the chair.  If I come across a spot that needs to be smoothed or the glue is too hard to get the needle through, I put a bit of water on a finger, hold it on the spot to soften the glue and make the necessary adjustments.  A little container of water wasn't going to work well going off to guild then I remember my waterbrush from my watercolours

The handle gets filled with water and it flows out the brush as you need it.  I stopped on the way home to buy a new one as both the ones I have are stained from the watercolour paints.  Didn't want to risk any transfer onto the applique.  Now when I need to soften an edge, I can just paint the spot with the brush.  Its working VERY well which now makes this a very portable project.

Now to go find what I did with her hands.....


  1. Great idea Helen! I'm going to put that at the top of my list of things to buy for my applique.


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