First Quilts

One of the lists asked the question this week -- What was your first quilt and do you still have it? 

My first quilt top, in 1993, was Eleanor Burn's Christmas Tradition Quilt. I had the book and had recorded her program from TV and between the two moved from sewing clothes to making quilts.

Having made the top, I needed to learn to quilt it so took a hand quilting class and a sampler class. The sampler class had us using templates, hand piecing and I think quilt as you go -- need to go look at the back of the lap quilt.

 Both quilts are still upstairs and get used.

Afterwards I went back to hand quilt the Christmas quilt. The final stitches went into the binding on May 23, 1994 as the the credits rolled for the final episode of Star Trek Next Generation -- the episode was called All Good Things which seemed quite fitting for a Christmas Quilt.


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