I finished appliquéing the two blocks Mom had begun and then spent most of Saturday adding the embroidery. The pattern calls for small black Rick rack for the balloon and stems as well as other elements in other blocks. I used a zig zag chain stitch instead.  Its a chain stitch but each chain is done at an angle to the previous one so that it forms the zigzag.  Next to do is prepare the March Block.

The guild Block of the Month for 2010/11 was a pattern by Linda Halpin called Quilting with Laura. I took for of my scrap boxes (red, orange, purple, pink and beige/white) and worked on the blocks.

Somehow, it doesn't look like anything has been removed from the boxes even though the quilt centre is finished. Almost everything in the centre came from one of the boxes. A few of the larger pieces had to come from the shelves. Next challenge is picking a border fabric. I pulled a few but so far none of them seemed right.


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