Prep Work

We had the first of the $10 classes a week early in January so part of last week was cutting out house number 3 (its getting done first, then #1).  It all got cut out and ready to paper piece but I didn't get to stitching

Hard to believe that those will eventually make a house. 
I've really been enjoying working on the Friends on Chelsea Lane quilt so decided to stop and prepare several of the blocks.  During the week I traced applique shapes and stitched the layered sections together where I could.  Friday night Karen and I went to a sit and sew evening at Cockadoodle quilts.  I spent the evening preparing background blocks and by the end had most of them basted as well.  Saturday I stitched the Joy block and between Sunday and Monday stitched the Bee Happy Block.  Friends is underway as a purse project.  Those houses for the $10 class need attention in the evening.
Bee Happy

Harvest Moon

Gourds isn't basted yet. Its the only block without words on it. I'm thinking about changing the words on Harvest Moon and adding something to Gourds. The words are all things like Hope, Family, Love, Friends, Joy, Dream, Bloom. Some how Harvest Moon doesn't seem to fit that string of words. Gourds looks kind of lonely without a word. Once I figure out its word I'll baste the shapes in place but they need to move from their original positions to make room.


  1. Wow that applique is beautiful!!

  2. Thank you. I'm having a lot of fun with it.


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