ROM Visit November 13th

I had a ticket for the symphony on the 13th so went to the ROM for a few hours and visited sections 301 - 303 which covers Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific; the Middle East and South Asia.  Most of these pictures are from section 301-- Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.  The descriptions are generally summarized from the tags that appear with the items.

Wayu culture, Kashure, Colombia c 1965 The size of the pompom varies with the social status of the wearer.  The pompoms protect the feet from prickly pears.  The big pompon requires a very slow, straight step which helps the women walk with dignity, "as a woman should"

Wayu Woman's Sandals

Wuramon (soul canoe) Asmat culture, West Papua Province, Indonesia, mid 20th century.  The wuramon combines death and rebirth.  The wuramon represents the great voyage to the land of the dead in a bottomless canoe.

Wuramon (part 2)Wuramon (part 1)

Double jar in the Carretas polychrom style.  The shape of this reminds me of the binocular-like object that the ROM had in a display about Trypilian Culture.
In the Trypilian exhibit we weren't allowed to take photos.  The sketch of the binocular-like object is in the bottom left corner

DSC01806_edited-1Double Jar

Sumerian earthenware from about 3,000 - 2,000 BC

Female figurine

I was at the ROM again when the 24 part choral piece played but this time I stayed up in the 3rd floor gallery of the crystal and just enjoyed the music. The acoustics there really are excellent.


  1. Anonymous20:02

    Helen Anne - I thought those were your new shoes - the ones with the pompoms!!!!

  2. Elaine, the pompoms tickle my fancy but I don't think I could actually walk in those sandals.


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