A trip to the zoo

I went to the Toronto zoo the other weekend to play with the new lens and see what it will do. I hadn't been to the Toronto zoo for several years -- apparently at least 7. The keeper said its been at least that long that people have been able to walk through the Kangaroo exhibit. I don't remember doing that before ...
Alice Walking through the Kangroo pen
In addition to playing with the new lens, I wanted to go to Stingray bay which was a special exhibit with stingrays -- you needed to wash your arms on entry, but once in, there was the opportunity to pat the stingrays. They are beautiful creatures and feel very soft. Some of them would come up and butt my hand. Lots stayed in the middle of the pool away from visitors. After visiting Stingray Bay, I went through the new (to me) Great Barrier Reef display. I found that I didn't do well with the new lens in there -- its minimum focal distance is too long so it was difficult to clear shots of the tank. I had the walking pole with me since it converts to a monopod and used it to try to get photos of the Moon Jelly Fish. They were fascinating to watch.
These two were also in the Australia pavilions:
Redtailed Black Cockatoo Matschie's Tree Kangaroo
The eagle was near the main gate. The tiger seemed to need tummy tickles and chin scratches -- just like Callee. I think I'll just use the mouse though and give him virtual tickles and scratches.
I wasn't going to walk through the area where the flamingos are because the polar bears are off display while a new area is built. But I ended up going there anyway. For once the flamingos were quite active. I liked the two feeding.
Position is everything in life
Looking for attention Mandrill
Look at the eye lashes on the elephant! King of All He Surveys


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