Bruce Trail -- Three Niagara Trails

I started the day at the Louth Side Trail. I saw a deer go bounding through the woods but was too surprised to see him to remember to take a photo. A lack of rain this summer made for a dry waterfall. The next trail was Rockway Falls. This time I saw a tail go darting down a hole. Paused to look and saw a little garter snake. As soon as I took this picture he disappeared. Moved so fast I hardly saw him go. I think this is the point were the notes say the creek is sometimes not fordable in peak flow. With all the hot weather, there was no water to be found. But there was interesting fungus I missed the entrance to Short Hills Provincial Park and drove past the next hike at Terrace Creek. So tried to find hike #1 and got lost again. Came back and tried Terrace Creek again. The second time I found it so went for a walk there. The trail is right beside a field of grape vines. A nice high foot bridge but still not much water. Never did see a lot of water on this set of hikes. Will have to try some of them again another time when the weather hasn't been so dry.


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