Bruce Trail -- Crawford Lake Conservation Area Trails

On the Saturday of the August Long weekend, I went for a hike on the Bruce Trail following the Crawford Lake trail. Crawford Lake Conservation Area is just off Guelph Line South of the 401. There’s an Indian Village reconstruction at the conservation area. Outside the area, they’ve created a series of gardens that showcase some of the native plants. Did you know that Prickly Pear Cactus is native to Ontario, Canada?!? Today its endangered in Ontario – its only found in the wild in two areas.
Prickly Pear Sign board about the Prickly Pear
It was about 30 Celsius on Saturday. The area is used in the winter for snow shoeing -- we could only wish for some ice.... They put signposts at the beginning of the trail(s). The only thing that isn’t noted here is the new section of the trail that they added near the lookout. It was optional but a pretty walk
At the lookout over Nassagaweya Canyon, there were birds enjoying the thermals over the valley. Turns out they were Turkey Vultures.
Crawford Lake is a deep lake for its size so it makes a good time capsule of things that have fallen into the lake of the centuries. They don’t allow swimming or boating on the lake. The water is clear enough to watch the fish and turtles swimming – even when standing on the path a long way from the water…
This is Mr. Twister Mr. Twister’s roots grow faster on one side than the other.
Can you spot the chipmunk under the log?
Did you know that dragon flies come in Red?
This bird was pulling the fluff out of the thistle near my car


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