Bruce Trail -- Forks of the Credit

On the way to Forks of the Credit I passed a large turtle in the middle turn lane of Highway 10. Too much traffic to stop and take a photo. Hope he made it across the highway OK. The notes say that you need to pay for parking. Got there and discovered there was no attendant to take money -- only a machine that only took coins. Fortunately, a couple came that had an extra five dollars in coins and I was able to get a ticket after all. There was lots of milkweed and a few monarchs in the first part of the hike. At the top of the field, the path headed off through a wooded area. Part of the path went through private property with lots of quiet signs.
This tree was growing something strange Later the path went past a water fall which was a little hard to photograph from the trail. The river looked nice and calm above the falls but the sign says it all for the downstream bit.... This is the lake at the beginning / end of the hike. I didn't go down to the lake at the beginning -- there was a dog down there having fun barking at something. On the way back, I wandered down near the edge of the water and found lots of little frogs and snails. No wonder the dog was having fun.


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