Fabric Dyeing

A couple of years ago, Mom, Karen & I took a fabric dyeing class out at Hobby Horse. It was fun so we bought some additional supplies. Last Sunday afternoon I finally used mine. I had planned to do it the week before but discovered I didn't have enough PFD cloth. I thought I had lots of fabric. Then I re-read my notes and discovered I was 10 metres short! The notes said 25g of dye needed 1 litre of chemical water. 1 litre of dye does about 4 metres of fabric. I had 4 colours therefore 16 metres of fabrics. I should have also added up all the 1/4 cups and 1tbsp measures to see how much dye I had listed in the "recipes". I think I was actually short more material than initially thought. My colours were all Procion MX dyes -- 504 Sky Blue, 208 Bright Yellow, 405 Hot Pink and 708 Black. I did a graduated run of 8 of each of the colours then a rainbow run but mixed black into the colours as well (still sticking with just two colours in a bag). At the end, I mixed equal parts of the full strength blue, yellow and red and dyed 4 more pieces -- one just the three parts and the other three added to the left over 1/8 dilution of each colour. Unfortunately the ink came of some of my baggies so I'm not sure which brown is which. Yesterday I rinsed all the fabrics, recorded numbers and washed. This morning I got the fabrics off the drying rack where I'd stored them to keep Miss Callee away from them. As soon as they were on the cutting table, this is what happened:

When I suggested she was in the way and should move, this was her reaction:

I picked her up and pulled the hot pink run from the bottom of the stack and started to fold. At that point she moved. Here's all the fabric folded and organized. I think I have the rainbow in the right order but there were a few bags I couldn't read the letter on so there are some guesses.


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