Checking Colour and Value

There have been some posts recently about how to check colour and value. One suggestion was a bit of a "Why didn't I think of that?" moment. -- When checking colours and values, don't just take a photo of the WIP, take the photo in B&W to check the value as well. If your camera doesn't have a B&W setting, then use the computer to switch the image to B&W. I took some pictures of some completed and one in-progress quilt. It's been interesting looking at the comparison of colour and B&W photos.

The first pair is a small wallhanging called Hooray for Bleach! The guild challenge was the red paisley, the dark purple and the red. The theme was Night & Day. I was about to put the fabrics into the stash and give up. Then I remembered a bleaching lesson. Took small pieces of each one to see what would happen. They bleached very nicely.

The next pair is a mystery quilt from an all-night class. We were to bring a stack of pre-trimmed FQ. I pulled them all from the collection and used the scanner to scan in B&W to pick the fabrics. Unfortunately I didn't save any of those scans. During the class we sewed random pairs.

The third pair is a rose wallhanging from a two day workshop with Ruth McDowell. Most of the fabrics from this came from my scrap boxes. I had just sorted the scraps from one big box to individual colour boxes. To go to the class, I took the green box, the pink box, my machine and tools. I think there was a few FQ came as well but the majority of it was the scrap boxes.

The last pair is the $10 quilt I'm working on. It's a pattern called Wish upon a Star (the designer's website is I've re-made a couple of sections of this over the course of the year. I'd been debating one more but as I see it like this, I don't think I will. I'm really pleased with how its turning out.


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