Much nicer garbage bag

For many years I've had an old paper bag sitting beside the cutting map to throw trimmings, scraps and threads in while I'm working.

This weekend I went to the guild retreat at Elm Hurst Inn & Spa.  It was a very good weekend.  As part of the weekend, there was an optional gift exchange.  I missed the actual exchange as I had an appointment at the spa but when I came back there was a bag with a pop-up catcher pattern complete with a fat quarter on my chair.  This morning I opened it up and spent and pleasant hour or so putting it together.

Here the two are together. I'll retire the paper bag and just leave the pop up out.

If I ever decide I want to remove it from the table and store it, there's a bit of elastic to hold it squished down and a little loop for hanging. Very tidy!

A very pretty and useful gift.


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