Study in Contrasts

Last month I signed up to do a Gravity Quilt workshop at Hobby Horse.  Yesterday was the second class.  I decided that I should take some of the 365 blocks with me to use as enders and leaders while I was stitching the blocks for the gravity quilt. 

The gravity quilt blocks I was making used 6.5" components.  The 365 block had me make half square triangles that I trimmed to 7/8" the joined with some 7/8" squares to make a four patch before joining with some slightly larger pieces to make a 3.5" square.

Its a study in contrasts :)

two gravity blocks and Tulip Lady Fingers for the 365 quilt
I really enjoyed sewing the larger seams.  I had a second block with me but didn't get to it.  That's the block from Oct 21st so I have three more blocks to make from this week to be up to date.  (since the designer is in Australia, I always get tomorrows block today.  Rather fun).  Soon I'll start stitching these small dark blocks into four patches to join with their 6.5" friends so that the dark rows will be ready.  I'm enjoying the process but I don't think I'll attempt a 365 quilt again anytime soon. 

Later this week I'll get all the gravity blocks made so far up on the design wall and get more pictures.  I'm using fabric dyed several years ago for this quilt.  I haven't decided what to use for the background. I need to look through and see what I have that will work well. 


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