Todo List checkin - Mid February

At the end of December I had a todo list that I wanted to work on for this year.  Its here.  Six weeks in and I have made progress. 


1.  In January we went and quilted twice so two quilts have moved to the completed tab of my spreadsheet.  (there's a empty version of it on google drive here ) The schedule doesn't work to get out again in February but I have an appointment booked for March.  Last Sunday Karen and I measured the tops of Mom's that are at my house and sorted them into to all over, custom, top needs finishing and needs hand quilting.  I still think there are some tops up at Dad's but we'll start with these ones.  Tomorrow I'm going to get some backing fabric for some of those tops and some of my own so I have backing ready.

2.  The 365 quilt is going well.  I've completed up to Feb 10th so am keeping up with each week.  A few blocks last week were working with very tiny half square triangles and I was reminded why I never did a Dear Jane quilt.  Hopefully there aren't too more of the really tiny ones to challenge me.  :)

3.  The Love Entwined did get back in my purse for a bit but all it did was ride around in there.  I did work on it during the January and February guild meetings but haven't done any lunch time stitching.  Still a bit done is better than none.

4/5/6 Havent touched the guild workshop samples, one block wonder or the common bride quilts yet this year other than to move them out of my way.

7.  The outreach quilt tops got completed and returned.  I made a mistake and did something else with one of the kits.  I'm not sure she was happy but with some borders it should work.  The kit needed borders anyway.


1.  So far I'm keeping up with the photo class.  It was funny because the "basic" edit he taught seemed strange when I watched the video.  Then I tried it on one of the photos I took in Exeter last summer.  Big difference.  I ended up replacing a photo of the photos in the blurb book I was working on with photos edited with his suggestion.  The books came last week and I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

For Karen, Dad and me
With basic edits!

2.  Cleaning up my photos is proceeding in tiny steps.  I cleaned up January 2016 and December 2015.  Trying to clean February as I go and then work on a month from last year.

I moved a bunch of things off the cutting table onto Grandma's old sewing table so I could trim the first quilt that I quilted in January.  Rather than move everything back onto the table I've been slowly working my way down the stack(s).  A top from a guild workshop a while a go got done and ready for quilting.  Its a table topper and not on the list of workshop samples since I'd forgotten about it until I started sorting the pile.  Also got the insulation batting made into thermos and water bottle covers.  Two more thermos to go although I think there's only enough for one of them. 

Stack of stuff off the cutting table
Workshop top ready to be quilted

Thermos covers.  The lid for the tall one needed modifications
So progressing well!


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