Todo Lists for Quilting and photography

This morning I saw a badge on Elaine's blog.  Normally I read through a reader and don't see the badges.  Planning what to complete or atleast to progress over the next year sounds like a good idea.  I use lists when I have deadlines or at work to keep track of what needs doing. 


I like to keep track of my projects. The list is long and has gone back to more undone than done. This is the top part of the spreadsheet. There are 53 54 things on the in progress tab. The completed tab has 47. I enjoy moving items to the completed tab.

 1.  I've pre-purchased 10 hours of quilting at a new long arm quilting store called Whirls and Swirls and completed the training program. In January I'm going to go quilt the my first quilt there. The goal is to get at least 8 - 10 tops quilted next year. Actually 12 would be ideal (one a month) but I'm not sure that will be practical. Some will be from this list and some will be tops that Mom had completed that we want to finish. Some of the quilting will also be smaller pieces as I want to do some free motion on the long arm as well as the all over pantograms.

2.  I've signed up for a 365 block of the day quilt which starts on January 1st at midnight Australian time. So the goal is to keep within a week of being current of those blocks. If I let more than 7 build up, I'm afraid I wont catch up. I know two other people who have signed up so hopefully we'll encourage each other.

3.  I need to get the applique back in my purse or atleast pick one of the portable ones to keep with my lunch bag since I've been ditching the purse alot lately. Then on days I don't go for a walk at lunch I can make progress on the applique. The ABCs of Christmas are waiting and so is Love Entwined. The ABCs are a little smaller but lots of prep work is already done on Love Entwined.

4.  Finish the two guild workshop quilts from last year -- the thread painting sampler and the rug

5.  Finish the one block wonder quilt

6.  Make progress on the Common Bride quilt.  Finish the stars

7.  Fix borders on the two outreach quilts and complete the other top I've brought home. 


1.  I've signed up for Ricky Tim's Photography class for the first 6 months of 2016.  I expect to learn about photoshop, lightroom and working the camera in Manual mode.  I do work outside automatic mode now but more review and re-enforcement is always good.  Program (automatic) mode gets used when I'm tired or when I'm doing something like a group hike were there isn't necessarily time to stop and make lots of decisions about that particular photo.  There are assignments due weekly and the plan is to keep up with the lessons and post what I completed. 

2.  Organize the photos I already have.  There are currently over 56000 photos in the library.  I know there are a lot that should be deleted.  I started working through them a while ago but got sidetracked and didn't finish. 


  1. Thank you so much for linking up! I think your spreadsheet organization sounds great; I bet it is really satisfying to move a project to the finished tab. I hope that renting the longarm time is fun and helps you work through your list. I wish you a joyous 2016 and much success as you work toward completing your goals.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement to write them down. Good luck with your goals this year. Hope its a good year.

  2. Your spreadsheet is awesome, any chance you would share your template? The photography class sounds fabulous! Best to you in 2016!

    1. I've never tried to share it before. I've put a copy on google drive that I hope you will be able to download. If not, I can give you the columns and the formula to create your own version.
      All the best to you -- good luck with your plans.


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