Quilting Workshop with Al Cote

The guild speaker and workshop teacher this month was Al Cote. The class was on making a quilted rug. On Saturday we layered up the fabrics and trimmed it down to the size of the batting. Did some doodling then stitched lines and started removing fabric. I meant to take a photo before I started the removal process but forgot. So this is taken after the first round of removing fabrics and part way through the second round.

Near the end of the afternoon he had everyone put their project down on the floor for admiring. It was a fun day and we certainly had a great collection of rugs in progress.  It was a really fun day.  Karen came too so it was even better because I got to stitch with my sister.

The next day I continued removing fabric stopping every once in a while to throw it on the floor and look at it to see how it was looking.

By the end of Sunday, this is how it looked. I still have a few pieces to remove before continuing with the quilting and final steps.


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