Guild Workshop with Elizabeth Dillinger

This month the guild speaker was Elizabeth Dillinger. On Saturday she taught her Zen Free Motion quilting class. I had been on the wait list but got a call on Monday that there was a spot for me. It was an excellent day.

In the morning we learned about setting up our machines and practiced some skills -- some free motion and some thread painting for drawing lines and where to look. After lunch we started in on a practice piece. She provide a larger floral print sandwich and we quilted/thread painted a flower then did some embellishments. All to add dimension to the flower. She's an excellent teacher and speaker.

This is the practice piece. I forgot to take a photo before I touched it so this is after some work is done.

I've started to do some marking on this flower in pencil but on the whole its how the manufacturer printed it.

This one I've started to prepare.

This one is stitched and then had ink and glitter added.

I came home with several pages of notes and want to try a few things. I'd taken a cream and black letter size sandwich with me to practice on. The cream part really worked well as I was able to write notes easily on it but I forgot to take a light coloured marker so I could write on the black. Elizabeth also provided a practice sandwich so I had ample opportunity to practice in the morning. It was very strange leaving for the workshop yesterday with just my machine, light, gloves and scissors. Everything else was in the kit.


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