New Projects and an experiment

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I had a couple of days off work as the office is closed for Remembrance Day and I took Monday as well to have a long weekend. That gave me a chance to catch up on some errands and to dos.   The Remembrance Day service from Ottawa was really good.  I watch it on tv most years.

I have two community outreach quilt tops for the guild almost complete.  The kit was short a piece of yellow for one border.  Unfortunately, I don't have anything in a similar shade so I've labelled it and set it aside for the guild meeting next month.

At a quilt show last month I bought a nativity pattern -- its a laser cut black scene and I needed to pick a fabric for the background -- like a stain glass.  I went through the collection of "pretty" fabrics and found several that looked promising -- until I put the black cutout on them.  There was only one that I liked so its trimmed and the cut out is finger pressed in place.  I need to take an iron to it but still have a chance to change my mind until I do.  In the meantime its hanging on the design wall. 
 Once pressed, I'll sandwich it and stitch the edges of the design to quilt it.  The top still needs trimming for the curve.

In 2012 I bought a kit to make a Flakey Friends quilt.  I went to a guild anniversary dinner and the speakers were Canadian Quilt designers.  This one ended up being irresistible.    I had thought I'd get it done before some surgery that year but it didn't happen.  Its being sitting in the shipping box on the floor behind the cutting table ever since.  Yesterday I got most of the pattern pieces traced and trimmed.  I need to look through my collection to find more fusible.

Some pieces are onto fabric waiting to be cut out.  Some fabric is waiting to be cut and some fusible is waiting for the fabric. 

At the sewing festival a few weeks ago I watched a demo of the Appliquik tools and bought some.  The three hearts are an experiment using the tool to prepare the appliques but each with a different material inside for preparing against.  The first is a Pellon wash away which was a little light for preparing against.  The middle is the iron on interfacing that is part of the appliquik line.  The last is a wash away fusible that can even run through the printer.  One I have the three of them stitched down, I'll wash the sample and see how things feel.  I'd like to use this on a few applique pieces I have on the go (like Love Entwined) but I want to see how it feels with the different fabrics used in the preparation. 


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