Celtic Solstice Finished

In March I finished the top, made the binding and tucked it all away to be quilted at some point.  The other week, I had a week's vacation and on the last day arranged to rent Elaine's long arm.  It took all day but it got loaded (and then fixed cause I loaded the backing on the wrong roller -- note to self -- check the leaders on the rolls, they are label which one is which) and then quilted.  The first picture is the product of a long, fun day draped over Elaine's machine.  Its all quilted with a pattern called Dancing Ribbons.

After some dinner and a rest that evening, I added the binding and started the hand stitching. It took a week to finish but the quilt now has binding and a sleeve in preparation for the guild show next spring. The label is written out and sitting on the ironing board waiting to be pressed and added to the quilt.

Two of the alternate blocks. I liked Bonnie's design and an alternate I saw on one of the linky parties. So I used both.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out. Nice to have one mostly done. As soon as I get that label done, it can move from the UFO tab to the finished tab in my spreadsheet. Yesterday my sister came over and we pulled fabric to make this year's mystery quilt.  Mine is on a neat stack on top of the shelves waiting for the end of November.  I need to pick the neutrals yet but have to decide what I want to use.  There's a few possibilities.

This year's monthly quilt at Sew Sisters continues to grow. Its Marty Michell's Northern Lights Sampler.  I liked the smaller sized blocks but wanted a quilt to fit my bed so have added extra blocks to make it the size I want.  I still have six more blocks to finish. The first of the six is in the works but I don't like one of the fabrics so I'll have re-cut that. Once these six are done, I think I'm remaking the rolling spools block because its hard to see the spools against the background fabric I used.


  1. Another stunning quilt, I came to visit this morning to look at your LE and I'm still here going back through your blog what a wonderful 30 mins I have spent so far, it's like reading a great quilting magazine. Thanks so much for a wonderful time over my coffee this morning. Cheers Glenda Down Under.

  2. Glenda, Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.


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