Off the Ark?

Its been a fun day.  I've been watching Disney animated movies -- Frozen, Beauty & the Beast, Robin Hood and Snow White.  Frozen helped me chop up the fruit salad and clean the kitchen.  Beauty and the Beast helped stitch most of this month's guild block.

Robin Hood finished the guild block, helped to fix the twisted seams on the guild community outreach quilt and started the borders on a mystery quilt that's been lurking long enough to feel like it must have come of the ark. 

All it needed was a border.  It was a mystery quilt called Calico Conundrum in Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts in 1994/5.  Mom made one with a violet fabric.  I used purple elephants.  I had debated adding a very thin border between the top and the main border to separate the elephants from the centre but decided today it wasn't necessary.

Snow White helped finish the borders and make the binding then start the final border for Celtic Solstice.  Cinderella helped finish the borders and the binding for Celtic Solstice. 

Lion King helped with some mending and is currently helping with some computer work.


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