April Accomplishment

I finally finished Welcome to my Home April 16.  Nothing like a deadline to encourage me.  I had committed to entering it into the Mississauga Quilt show on April 18th so needed it done.

This started out as Welcome to my Cabin by Possibilities during the 2005 $10 quilt class at Hobby Horse.  For a $10 class, you get an assignment each month.  If you bring the completed assignment to the next class, you continue without paying any more for the class.  If you don't do the assignment you need to pay the class fee again.  I was also taking a class at Quilt University at the same time and got sidetracked make machine embellishments.  So instead of a cabin, made a representation of my house and used the embellishments for the trees and snow/ice on the house. 
Evenutally the big pine trees and leaves were replaced by much smaller leaves and tulips using instructions from the previous years Seasons patterns by Pinetree Lodge.  The creek, bear, moose and canoe at the bottom were replaced by a road, fence and animals I see in my yard -- squirrel, possum and raccoon from Rosemary Makhans patterns.
I kept the mountains because I like mountains -- too bad there aren't any in this area. 
Mom & Karen did the class as well.  Mom's quilt is up to needing to be quilted.  Karen's is still at applique the borders. 


  1. Love quilts! Visiting from Find Your Style Class!


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