England Vacation 2009 -- August 15

We left, complete with Karen's two smaller suitcases and both packs full about 10:40 to walk over to New Beckenham station for the 11:10 train. Its a longer walk than to the Beckenham Junction station we usually go to. We had to go to Waterloo East and walk over to Waterloo. We wanted enough time to get lunch before getting on the train for Brockenhurst.

We both ended up at the Pasty Shop for lunch. Karen got chicken & mushroom and Helen Anne got steak and Stilton. They were very tasty although Karen isn't sure hers actually had any mushrooms. Shortly after we finished eating, Karen heard them announce the earlier train to Brockenhurst so we jumped on it. The train from Brockenhurst to Lymington Pier was an old fashion, slam the doors behind you, train. So Karen did.

On the ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth we got two seats in a corner by the front window. It was a very pleasant way to travel -- lots of sailboats out. Both ports have a large pier / anchorage area. Some boats anchor and tie up away from the pier and get either a water taxi or have their own dinghy to get back and forth.

We arrived in Yarmouth about 30 minutes before Karen had booked the taxi so we wandered around the harbour area for a bit. Some of the shops had fairy tale displays in the windows. Eventually, we went back to the pickup area. The taxi wasn't there so Karen called and he came about 10 minutes later.

We arrived at Freshwater Bay in time to dump our stuff in the room (top floor) and have tea. After tea, we went for a walk around the grounds and a quick walk down at the beach area. The leaders took us on a short walk around Freshwater Bay. Saw a car being consumed by a hedge, a thatched church, and where the photography museum is. We took some time to play on the big swing in the house garden.

Freshwater Bay house started as The George Inn in the 18th Century. During WWII, it was requisitioned for troop accommodation. According to local sources, it may have housed Canadian troops.

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