Bruce Trail Sidetrail: Credit Valley foot path

Today the temp was suppose to go into the mid to high 20's so after the $10 quilt class, I got a sandwich at the Glen Oven and then decided to walk part of the Credit Valley Footpath I parked the car across from the cemetery on Prince street and was going to hike to the end past the paper mill dam but the trail is closed about 500m in on the side leading towards the golf course and paper mill so I followed the trail on the other side of the road. It heads in behind Sheridan Nurseries and comes out near the corner of 22 sideroad and Tenth line. Found this little guy sitting on a tree stump. I don’t think he really liked the flies There were still remnants of last year’s flowers and seeds on the trail. They looked very pretty.
There were several butterflies out enjoying the sunshine today. This one almost flew into me several times. He and his friends also danced ahead of me on the trail like they were showing the way The snails were also out When I bent down to get a photo of some tree fungus, I found more snails enjoying the shade This log seems to be waiting for tiny creatures to make it a home or perhaps it already is a number of homes and I just missed everyone. I saw a few of these flowers in bloom and lots of leaves for other flowers. Every once in a while, the trail goes past the long green houses for Sheridan. This was part of the Sheridan complex I was on the look out for some large birds near the end of the trail because I often see them soaring on the thermals when I’m heading out to Hobby Horse. This is the only one I saw. He disappeared almost as soon as I took the picture. The bees and wasps are being kept busy This tree looks like its waiting for someone to have a rest The last part of the hike was done at a very quick pace since the sky was getting dark. By the time I’d changed back into regular runners, this was the sky view I drove around to the Georgetown McDonalds to get a cold drink. The sky really got dark and the rain came down in sheets.


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