Spring is coming

Spring must be on the way. The lilac bush has little buds, I found these under the living room window where I have bulbs planted and in the park, this tree looks like the pussy willows are coming out
I went for another walk in Applewood Park. This time I took the bigger camera and tried taking pictures mostly of wild life -- robins, squirrels and ducks. The robins weren't sure about me at first but I sat on the far edge of the path opposite them. Some posed, some moved away.
The squirrels mostly moved away. This guy on the right was running through the trees then decided to snuggled into the branch. I guess position really is everything.
There isn't really suppose to be a pond here. Its part of the green space but I noticed it flooded last spring too. The ducks like the make-shift pond. A small boy and his dog ran around the pond several times and most of the ducks left to go to the creek.
Despite all the wind we've had this winter, this is one of the trees in the park area that has clung to last years leaves. They give new definition to rustling in the wind they are so dry.
This little guy wasn't as shy as his friends on my walk home again And finally, because Mom was asking about the orchid. Here it is now


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