Christmas Dinner 2008

The last few years we've had our Christmas turkey dinner the week before Christmas. We'd planned to have it yesterday and go shopping today but a snow storm (with 15-20 cm of snow) was forecast for today so we went shopping yesterday and had our turkey today. After breakfast, Mom and Karen worked on the dressing. Mom and Dad bought this gadget the other day for the turkey After Karen finished stuffing the bird We twisted this in the opening to hold it closed over the stuffing Popped him in the oven and basted frequently Once the turkey was done, we worked on the veggies -- potatoes, turnips, brussel sprouts, creamed onions and the gravy.
Dad twisted the new gadget out of the bird (it came out easily) And carved the bird a different way -- took of one whole side and cut it separately. Seemed to work well Then it was time to sit down and enjoy


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