More Snow!

More snow today. We were suppose to get up to 35 cm between yesterday and today. I don’t think last nights snow fall was as much as expected – either that or so much melted when it first started to make the difference. I think we are getting our 25 cm today though. According to the Toronto Star "The biggest snowstorm we’ve weathered so far this winter dropped 33 cm on Feb. 6 and 7. This weekend’s snowfall could also crack a seasonal record. The snowiest winter on record was 1938/39, with 207 cm. As of this morning, 176.8 cm had been recorded at Pearson airport." This morning I cleared the walk about 9 am. These photos are taken at 4 pm. Normally I wouldn’t have gone to clear the walk again until the snow stopped but the snow was up just past the bottom of the door… Normally the mail box and newspaper box looks like this: This morning they were clear of snow. Seven hours later, they look like this: This is the snow bank right in front of the main door. Most of the snow ends up in this area. Road clearing during the storm Also this morning I could see the BBQ and get at the garbage can and blue box behind it. From common walkway


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