Eclectic Academy Making your Photos Pop Lesson 1

I've posted my photos twice to the photo site I usually post to and so far they haven't shown up so I'll use the blog instead. Quick Edit The first picture was taken in the wine cellar at Leeds Castle in England. I used smart fix auto, then darkened the highlights and midtone contrast to get this after photo: Before leaving Quick Edit, I tried the sharpen section and got this: Standard Edit The first standard edit photo is taken in Amsterdam First I straightened the photo. Then it was cropped to get rid of the blank space from straightening. Next it was sharpened using sharpen more. Duplicated the background layer and used Screen 20%. Selected the sky with magic wand (both layers) and made a sky layer. Used Linear burn. The resulting photo was this one: I re-opened the jpeg and selected the sky onto another layer and tried auto correct on the sky. I think it pushed it too far: Finally I played with a picture from the town of Ypres: This is the Before: and this is the after (combining blending levels and manipulating the sky separately):


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