FabledFibers Quilt Done

I finished the Who will bell the cat? quilt last night.

The last parts were adding the bell and quilting cats in the windows. The cat outlines are from Callee perched on the corner of her scratchy post.

I printed a line drawing from this picture then traced part onto tracing paper to act as a stitching guide.

I still need to add the hanging sleeve and label but the photos and other information for the challenge were submitted last evening. The deadline is Oct 1 so I'm pleased to be a tiny bit early.

This is the detail photo

Eventually all the submitted quilts will be shown on the challenge pages at QuiltArt The version of the story I worked on is at Project Gutenberg


  1. I love what you've done with this project.

    The quilted cats in the window really sets the tone and makes those mice scurry even more. Great idea of using tracing paper for the cat outline.


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